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We at Krawler Konceptz like when our customers work with our products and put their own spin on them.
The Doc has put up on how he made our 3d Tail Lights work for his project.

Here is his  directions and his tutorial~!


These are available here


I went to my   nut and bolt suppler and found these screws, the short ones are 1.2×6 and the long one is 1.2×10



First I drilled out only the inner holes top and bottom on the outer bezel to ..046 or 1.19mm

The (red arrow) are the 1.2×6 screws put in to hold the two halfs together so I can drill the back screw. Then I drilled a ..36 or .93mm from the back through to the outside half but NOT out the front. This size will let the screws self tap into the housing. Drill between the tail light holes but not to close to the edge of the housing. I’m holding the drill on the outside so you can see how far to go.



Second… I came back and opened the hole on the rear half bezel to a .046 or 1.19mm drill, ONLY the back half. This is for the shoulder of screw.

The red arrow is the 1.2×10 coming in from the back side. It will thread into the outside half.



Than I made some tail light lenses and painted the housings, I also sanded the little rings off so the cover would set flat on the housing. Only paint a light coat of red and white so the leds will shine through good.



Ok….now pay attention! The out side screws (left side in photo) are not long enough to get to the the inner bezel so I put super glue down the outer holes before I put on the tail light lens so the 1.2×6 screws stay in and tight. The housings hold on pretty tight with the 2 inner (right side) screws and the back side screw coming in from the rear.



New JK Scale Kits

Exclusive Krawler Konceptz JK Grill Kit

The JK Grill Kit by Krawler Konceptz adds the scale factor to your Axial Jeep Rubicon. It will allow you to add front lights to lighten up your night sessions while adding realism to your rig. Additionally you will get a gas cap and door handles for your rig.

Included Parts:

(1) JK Front Grill
(1) Gas Cap
(2) Rear Light Outer Pods
(2) Rear Light Inner Pods
(5) Door Handles

-LED’s and Light Covers are NOT included-

You will Need:

- Your own aftermarket 6pc. LED set (example: AX24257)
- Axial Light Bucket Set (AX80045)

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